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iPhone 5s & iPhone 5c Should You Get Either?

Where should I start. Apple has announced two iPhones lineup on September 10th. One is supposedly to be the flagship phone (iPhone 5s), and the other one is more of an eye candy and to be sold as a cheaper model (iPhone 5c).

iPhone 5c, for the mass.

iPhone 5c

For years Apple has been thinking about some demographics that they never been able to approach to. The not so rich. They couldn't approach these type of people because of it's former CEO, Steve Jobs insists on making only the best product. Naturally, the so called best product, would come together with a hefty price tag. 

Now that Apple got Tim Cook as the new CEO, Jony Ive, the one that is in charge of software and product design can do whatever he wants. So out with the iPhone 5 aluminium, and in with unapologetic colourful plastic. 

If you ask me. I kind of like the new colour scheme on iPhone 5c, especially the green one. Combines with the colourful holey iPhone cover, you can get a lot of colour combinations (permutations?). I might get myself a blue iPhone 5c and a green cover, or the other way round. My wife likes the pink iPhone 5c and a yellow cover maybe? I don't know. 

Specification wise, there isn't any much difference in iPhone 5c and its predecessor iPhone 5. It uses the same processor (A6), the same camera at the back, but a slightly better front facing camera. It's slightly thicker and heavier than iPhone 5. 

All in all, I like the iPhone 5c and where Apple is going with it. You can pick the colours you like and not fixed to either choose a black or a white one. However, the price tag is a little bit turn off. At £469, it still isn't an affordable iPhone. I guess they won't be making a cheap phone after all. For me, I think it is a decoy product, just to make you feel like to buy the premium iPhone 5s. Why settle for iPhone 5c when you can get an iPhone 5s for an additional £80?

Apple's flagship phone, the iPhone 5s.

iPhone 5s

Yes. Now we're going to discuss about the main product. This is the next big thing. iPhone 5s. At first, I was a little bit disappointed with the status quo screen size of 4 inches. Well, Apple has been putting a lot of effort to justify its iPhone 5 size, and some times ridicule the oversized competitor. 

In a way, it is quite true, It's easier to navigate using one hand compared to bigger phones. On the other hand, you might be jealous when looking at the real estate of the other phones on the market. At some point, I felt a little bit embarrassed to take out my iPhone 4s when browsing at a phone shop. It's just too small. No doubt iPhone 4s is 3.5 inch, but the 4 inch isn't that big either. 

However, Apple do improve on other parts of its phone. I see that all the upgrades are no nonsense like some of the Android products. The upgrades were more likely to be used in real life than just a mere gimmick. Look at the A7 64 bit processor, the better camera, and of course the Touch ID. 

The slo-mo effect is more likely to be used than the two pictures in one like the Samsung Galaxy S4. The Touch ID is certainly the best way to unlock your phone without needing a password. The 64 bit, might be a little bit early, but I think it would be necessary in 2 years time. 

After all, what can you do to upgrade a phone now. What else is needed? A lot of IT pundits is telling that the smart phones are going into a stall. So, I do think that the Apple's approach of no nonsense toward upgrading is a good thing.

There is also a new colour throw in the flagship phone. A champagne gold? and the black slate is now changed into a space grey. I don't like the gold one, but I do think that out there will like the gold one to show up their bling bling.

Rounding Up

I think the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s is a good addition to the iPhone family. Should you get either? That depends on what you have right now and what you need. There is no one perfect answer for everybody.

For those who wants to try the iPhone, just go with either the 5c, 5s or even 5, trust your heart, you can't be wrong. For those who likes mobile photography, go for 5s. The aperture and sensor size in 5s is undeniably the best in smart phone so far.

For those who don't like to key in password each time turning the phone on and for those that is a security freak, go get the 5s. The Touch ID would be a delight. However don't forget to register as much thumbprint as you can. You don't know when are you getting a cut or burned on your fingers.

For me, I'd rather wait for September 2014 and see what's in (Apple) store. iPhone 6 perhaps? For the mean time, iPhone 4s is sufficient for me. The new free iOS7 gave a fresh new breath to my phone. A new iPhone cover for the 4s, and everything seems to look new.

So thanks to Tim Cook, Jony Ive and colleagues for the new iOS 7. Keep up the good work.

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