Thursday, 13 September 2012

iPhone 5: Should I get it?

It feels like it was just yesterday that wifey bought me the iPhone 4s. Honestly speaking, I was always been an Android fan. However by possessing an iPhone, my perspective on iOS device has totally changed. I now understand the neatness of closed system (Apple) compared to an open system (eg. Google, Microsoft).

It was almost a year ago when she bought me the iPhone, therefore new iteration of the device is just inevitable. Yesterday Apple has announced iPhone 5.

I once said to my wife that once I have the iPhone 4s, I don't have the urge to upgrade my smartphone anymore. Well, it is true for quite a while because I don't give a second look to any smartphones that has been released, not even Lumia 920, Galaxy Note, or even Galaxy SIII. However since the iPhone 5 launch yesterday, I can't stop myself from reading about it. As if the feel of contentment with my phone is about to crack and crumble. 

These are several new noticeable features that I like about iPhone 5:
  1. Thinner, lighter and brighter.
  2. 4 inch screen (iPhone 5) vs 3.5 inch screen (iPhone 4s)
  3. Faster processor (twice as fast)
  4. Faster wireless and data transfer (LTE and WiFi)
  5. Take pictures while recording video
  6. Panorama pictures
The iPhone 5 is thinner, lighter and the screen is brighter than the iPhone 4s. Brighter screen is very much welcomed. Thinner and lighter however might mean that it is more likelier to be left inside my trousers pockets and went into the washing machine unnoticed. Nauzubillah.

3.5 inch screen is a little bit too small when compared to other gigantic smartphone nowadays. Having half an inch more screen real estate might help a bit for web-surfing and calendars. However, since the iPhone 5 is no wider than the 4s, it does mean that the virtual keyboard won't be any bigger than it currently is. That is a little bit of a bummer, because that is the only reason my wife doesn't want to buy an iPhone (even though her fingers are smaller than mine). 

Faster processor might be a good upgrade for games. However I rather play games on a bigger screen. So this new feature is not important for me. Same with the faster wireless and data transfer. I don't need a fast wireless and data transfer because I don't think my place will have all the requirements for 4G LTE and 5G Wi-Fi. 

The last two features that I like are photography related. Taking pictures while recording video is a nice thing to have and it won't be available for the iPhone 4s. Panorama on the other hand will be available for iPhone 4s. Yippie. With all the features (that I liked) being explained, it is quite clear that there isn't much of a difference between my current iPhone 4s and the iPhone 5. Now, I can calm myself down and convince myself not to buy the new device.

Now I hope that Apple will go from strength to strength and would come out with a better and more groundbreaking iPhone 5s next year. Maybe by that time I won't have any reasons not to upgrade. 

* Further differences between iPhone 5, iPhone 4s and iPhone 4 can be read here. Compare specifications.

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