Tuesday, 9 August 2011

First Time Fishing

Last Friday I went fishing with my friends. That was the first time I went fishing even though we have been living very near to UK most famous fishing spots. We went to the tip of Isle of Anglesey and start to climb down rock cliffs towards the fishing spot.

Arriving at the fishing spot, we took out all our fishing gears, and realised that the beginners' kit that we bought were useless! The first kit has a thin line and get tangled in the first long cast. The second kit broke the reel when we tried to reel in the bait for the first time.

That left us with only one working rod and reel, and we have to share it among ourselves. We only managed to catch 2 fish in the whole 2 hour fishing trip. Not much, we certainly did not give up hope just yet. Better luck next time.

First catch by Raya sifu.

Gaya 10.

Zikr while fishing

Final product. Yummies.

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