Friday, 27 May 2011

Been Busy

We've been busy the whole week.. erm wait.. the whole month actually. Don't have time to update this blog. However we do manage to update other mini-blogging and social network site. There's nothing much happening here, except that several of our friends has been & will be going back to Malaysia. Our place is going to be an even quieter town after this. Less Malaysian and our community getting smaller.
Several potential students from Malaysia do have mentioned to us about their intentions to come and study here. However, as looks of things, they also have another 3 choices of Universities throughout United Kingdom. They seems to let their options open and leaves it up till the last minute before deciding on which University they should go. Well, don't blame them, everybody do that.

p.s.: U.K. is facing a wet and cold summer.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Galaxy Tab - Low On Space

Several days ago the Galaxy Tab shows this following error with a red SD card flashing on the top left of the status bar. 

Low On Space

Database memory very low.
Please delete contacts, call logs, messages, etc.

The Galaxy Tab error also comes with a frustrating lag on everything. I've searched on the Internet for answers but to no avail. Some recommends to delete all you contacts, call logs and messages. Some recommends to clear the cache of the Galaxy Tab. I've tried to delete some, but the problem still occurs.

Then from the MainScreen, I went to the MenuKey>Settings>SD Card and Phone Storage. There I can see that the personal memory is full. Then I continued surfing for the answers, and some of them recommend to format the whole system and return to its factory settings. The techie ones recommend to do some hacking and increase the internal personal memory size.

I don't think of returning to factory settings is going to be the answer, and hacking the Galaxy Tab is just not suitable just yet. Then I tried going here and there on the Galaxy Tab and found the answer for the error. I found out that the only problem with it is just there are too many cache and history saved in the Galaxy Tab browser. Duh... Easy-peasy.

So, if you have the same problem, what you need to do is.

Open the browser

MenuKey>More Options>Settings>

Then click the followings:

 * Clear Cache
 * Clear History
 * Clear All Cookie Data
 * Clear Form Data

Now the Galaxy Tab runs like during its glory days. However, back in my mind, I know that the problem will occur again in the future. When that time comes, I think I'm going to have to hack the Galaxy Tab after all. Now that the rumours about OS update for the Galaxy Tab, I just can't wait to upgrade it to Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Wordless Wednesday

p/s: Walaupun mereka sudah melangkau remaja belasan tahun, saya masih anggap mereka gemarkan lego seperti zaman kecil-kecil dulu. For my dear little brothers and sisters.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Tickled Thursday

Cute! Spotted it during our spring holiday at Legoland Windsor.

Monday, 2 May 2011


Minggu lepas, kunjungan ke carboot semata-mata untuk mencari hidangan tengahari, iaitu lobster. Inilah hasil tangkapannya. Lobster bersaiz kecil kerana masih belum tiba musimnya yang betul. Summer nanti barulah didapati lobster besar-besar. Harga untuk setiap ekor ini, mahal lar juga (7pound), lebih kurang dengan yang harga si besar. Tapi kerana kawan keinginan dan dia pun sudah mahu pulang for good, kami pun beli untuk santapan bersama.

Masih lagi bergerak-gerak

Kami memasaknya simple sahaja, sapu mentega, letak potngan bawang putih, bakar sehingga agak garing. Makan begitu sahaja. Sedap sangattttttttttt!! Nanti bila ada lobster besar, nak makan puas-puas.

Peraga sikit untuk camera

Banyak telurnya

Sedia dimakan

p/s: masih belum puas bercuti..adei!
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