Friday, 8 April 2011

How To Spot Fake Wii Remote Plus?

I bought a Wii Remote Plus on the Internet recently as a surprise for my wife. At the moment, I was busy ordering multiple things at the same time and the only thing that I look for is cheap price. I've ordered the accessory for 27 pounds (2-3 pounds cheaper than others) and waited the postman to send it to my house.

Two days later, the parcel came and I was very anxious to open it. I opened the parcel, and the first thing I noticed was that the game box was in Japanese. It doesn't bother me at all at that time because Nintendo is a Japanese company, and maybe that is the reason the online seller could sell it for a cheaper price.

As I opened the box, I took out the controller and searching for AA batteries that usually comes with any Wii Remote. I started to think that maybe Nintendo is trying to save money by not supplying it with the new Wii Remote Plus version. That two facts still didn't bother me much though.

Then I open the plastics and was quite happy to see that the Wii Remote Plus also comes with a colored Wii Strap! However, when I look closely, I found out there is a plastic film covering the front of the Wii Remote Plus. WTH? My mind starts to think that what is Nintendo thinking putting something ugly in front of the remote?  The plastic used for the whole body too looks cheap.

Then I tried to click several of the buttons. The buttons feels different from normal Wii Remote. I noticed the home button stuck out a little bit compared to the Wii Remote, and the 'B' button has a loud click rather than a subtle click that a normal Wii Remote usually has. 

I calmed myself not to be annoyed with the buttons. I squeezed the Wii Remote Plus cover and found out that it is a little bit too soft (low quality) when compared to my older Wii Remote. With all the defects, I am really convinced that the Wii Remote Plus that I received was really am a FAKE!

Angry with that, I bought another remote online and the item has arrived. Here are some pictures comparing both of the remote.

- Click to enlarge picture -

(1) Fake remote comes in a Japanese box (but Japanese version might have quite similar box)

(2) Original remote comes with 2xAA Maxell batteries

(3) Original comes with a Grey Strap, Fake comes with a Pink Strap

(4) There is a thin film on top of the Fake Wii Remote

(5) Home button on the Fake Remote is slightly popped out of the body

(6) Fake remote has a slightly fade pink

(7) Clearer 'B' mark on the Original Remote 

(8) Blue warning on the Fake Remote (but this might be normal for Japanese version)

(9) Fake Wii Remote Plus has a cheaper looking plastic

(10) Fake Wii Cover is more bluish than the Original.
(11) Fake cover is softer (and cheaper feel)

(12) Original inner box has a 'VL-CJ' punched

(13) Original comes with 2 instruction manuals with one of them has a golden Nintendo seal printed

(14) Original instruction manuals are in semi glossy paper rather than cheap paper. 
(15) Original instruction manuals are folded like shown rather than a folded like a book.

(16) Back of the box. (fake might be similar to Japanese version)

That is all I have noticed comparing both of the Wii Remote Plus. I think all 16 points that I pointed out will be enough for all readers to identify a fake, imitation Wii Remote Plus. Safe online shopping everybody!

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