Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Sedikit pengalaman orang:

A psychology student told me once that he spends the entire day doing research and then forces himself at the end of the day to summarize what he found - even if he doesn't think he found anything that day. This is important for several reasons:
(a) writing helps your thoughts to crystallize
(b) you accomplish your daily task which will make you feel good
(c) you can track your progress
(d) when you write your thesis you have material to draw on
(e) you won't forget what you were thinking two weeks ago.
In my opinion most students start too late putting their thoughts into words.

p/s: Type!


Hanis MY said...


fa10 said...

i pun lmbt menulis... cakar ayam pulak tu!

fara said...

kak fa10: itular kan, zaman sekarang kita jarang menulis. menulis kalau perlu isi borang dan mencatat nota cakar ayam je lar kot. kan? hik

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