Sunday, 27 February 2011

Chatbox & Updates

Hi all blog readers...

I have added a chat-box onto "From Terengganu To Cymru" several days ago. Just to make it easier for the blog readers to leave quick comments on this blog. The chat-box is situated on the right hand side of the blog, between the 'online stores' and 'blog archive'.

Feel free to use it. The chat-box is not meant to be as a replacement for our normal 'post comments', because the chat-box only allow a limited amount of dialogue before it is pushed out of the frame. After all, Fara is very happy to check 'post comments'.

No spamming please!

Before I forgot, I also added a picture and a description of us on the top left of the blog. Returning visitors will surely noticed it easily. It should be uploaded several months before, but I was always busy doing 'other' things and forget about it. Thanks wifey for reminding me.

Last but not least... Fara has allowed me to buy a thing three days ago. I'll write about it later... ;). That is why you may find me a little bit happy than usual. -- grinning from ear to ear.

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