Sunday, 9 January 2011

Selling Hope

Do you ever feel like you are not good enough, and then starting to blame the equipment? The fact that you are not skilled enough will eventually came across you mind, but not until a later time. In the mean time, the equipment, the apparel, the weather, the environment is to be blame for your lack of performance. Then came along ideas telling you that you ought to buy something before you can improve the skill, and the advertisement and what the salesmen say became the main thing that you're thinking in your mind. Well, that's just capitalism playing their game.

The same thing happen to me after feeling not performing very well in badminton this week. I started to blame the shoes and the rackets and the lights and so on. The fact that I never seriously played any badminton my whole life didn't came across my mind at all. Funny right? ... and again, I fell into the capitalism must-have-things-NOW trap. I start telling my wife that the racket is heavy (it really is though) and mind bended her to let me buy a new racket. She let me, and now I owned a Carlton ISOBLADE Ti.

Carlton IsoBlade Ti

We spent around 15 minutes inside the sports shop to find a nice racket. I looked at the weight, design, quality and colours... oh I nearly forget... the price. There are not many selection of badminton rackets in the sports shop, but even so, it is hard for me to decide which one to buy. The last two choices were two Carlton rackets. One was 85 grams (GBP25) body weight and another one was 87 grams (GBP29). I decided that those 2 grams are not going to make any big difference in the game, neither will the price. However I was sold to the former when it says that the material being used is called 'Nanopulse'. (Even I don't know what that means!) while the other one made from boring Carbon. When I went home, did some surfing, and realised that Nanopulse is actually made of... [drum roll please].... Carbon... hahaha.

I didn't play with the racket yet, but I hope that I can play better this coming weekend. Anyway, the main thing that I want to tell you readers out there is that, the equipment doesn't guarantee that I'll play better. It is me that is important in the equation... same goes to you; our dear blog readers. Don't waste your money on companies that only sell you hope... 
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