Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Samsung Galaxy Player

Samsung Galaxy S

From thousands of manufacturer around the world, Samsung is the only competitor that looks like they're able to break Apple's trio success in the mobile telephones, tablets and mp3 players. First off, Samsung  were brave enough to fight side by side Apple products such as iPhone with its sexy Galaxy S. The phone promises a great smart phones ability, with the device specifications way better than iPhone currently offer.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

... and then, not long after Apple announce their tablet iPad, Samsung came out with a smaller Galaxy Tab. Even though there are issues regarding the tablet, which uses OS that only suitable for a mobile telephone, Samsung still excels in the sales as it gone up to 1 million sales in just one month. Steve Jobs once said that the product is 'Dead on Arrival', but Samsung and its fans prove Mr. Jobs wrong.

Samsung Galaxy Player

Now, Samsung took another brave step on duelling with Apple's pride and joy, the one product that saves the Cupertino based company life over and over again, the iPod Touch with their new Samsung Galaxy Player. Kudos to Samsung, the OS is there, the market is there, the only thing that this player gives is by pulling of its telephone ability from the gadget, thus making it £250 cheaper than the Galaxy S.

I really welcome this movement by Samsung, and hope this kind of healthy rivalry will continue on and on. There are also other manufacturers that are coming out with new tablets to the market in Q2 2011, and during that time, users will have lots of choices. Making Apple to think again before putting a price tag on their future products. 

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