Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Free FreeSat and Satellite Dish

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Almost a month since we last watched any live television. Our antenna malfunctioned after the heavy snow fall last December. We were left doomed to watch DVD movies and play games to fill up our spare times. Our landlord has been contacting a TV man to fix the problem, but was unable to do anything.

First, the repairman came into our house and check the booster. He was hoping that the booster is the problem, because if it is, the only thing he had to do is to change the booster and off we go to watch television again. Sadly, he found out it is not the booster's problem and suspected the heavy snowfall has broken the antenna up in the roof. He checked around the house trying to find a suitable wall to place his ladder, but couldn't find any. The only solution is to come again with a 'cherry picker' (hydraulic lift) in order for him to reach the antenna.

After about a week and a half, the repairman come again with the 'cherry picker'. We are so happy and looking forward for him to repair the antenna. However, after several minutes parking the 'cherry picker' in front of the house, the lift operator decline to operate the machine because it seems that there is a power line crossing the front of the house, making it almost impossible for the 'cherry picker' to reach the roof. As the 'cherry picker' back up the driveway, we are again devastated with the news. The repairman told us that he is going to contact the landlord again and sort things out.

We were quite discouraged with the news, and went to school as usual. Doing usual things and hoping that the landlord will come with something by the end of the day. Then, wifey got an email from the landlord this afternoon, telling that they are going to give each house a free new satellite dish and a free FreeSat set-top-box for each flat! Hooray! I've been thinking about the possibilities that the landlord is going to give us something like that... I never imagined that it might come true.

At last, there is a solution for our television draught. However, as long as the television is still pitch black... we can't be so sure. InsyaAllah we will watch TV again soon. I hope they will get us a good set-top-box. However, it is better not put our hopes up high.

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