Sunday, 23 May 2010

Foggy Menai Strait

Menai Strait
Behind my school
Cloudy and foggy morning

On our way to my school last Friday, we encountered an amazing phenomenon, sea FROG.. ops, Sea Fog. Subhanallah, cantik. The wonderful thing is, we can smell the 'fishy' smell..the Sea smell..Aaaah, so fresh. Sang suami kata, macam bau seashells. For me, it reminds me sooo much with my hometown. Bau Pasar Payang.. selalu jejalan ngan my Mama. Bau Pantai Chendering.. dating dengan sang suami yang ketika itu sang boyfriend. Bau Pantai Batu Buruk, lepak dengan kengkawan time cuti semester Uni. Nostalgic gitu! Bila dapat bau lagi bebaru ini, tak puas rasanya bau laut yang indah itu. Rasa cam nak simpan dalam botol bau itu.

Here is some information about Sea Fog, which I copied from the internet source.
Another common type of formation is associated with sea fog (also known as haar or fret). This is due to the peculiar effect of salt. Clouds of all types require minute hygroscopic particles upon which water vapor can condense. Over the ocean surface, the most common particles are salt from salt spray produced by breaking waves
On the east coast of Scotland sea fog is known locally as haar or North Sea Haar, and it is often said to plague local residents during the Summer. Likewise, it's English counterpart - Fret or Sea Fret can make Summer days on the East coast of England miserable.

The university vessel in fog

Usually Bangor can be seen from here

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Stay Safe in Facebook

The virtual world can be a dangerous one. Follow our seven simple steps to ensure you stay safe on Facebook.

1. Hide yourself from the public

This isn’t as straightforward as you might think and many people are under the impression that they are already hidden. But if you don’t apply these settings in multiple categories, other people will still be able to see your information. This is especially important for children’s Facebook accounts.

To protect yourself, click Account > Privacy settings > Profile information. Adjust your privacy settings for all 12 categories. Then click Back to Privacy > Contact information. Adjust your privacy settings for all 9 categories.

2. Don't let search engines find you

To help prevent strangers from accessing your page, go to Account > Privacy settings > Search. Select ‘Only friends’ for Facebook search results. Make sure the box for public search results isn't checked either.

3. Don’t allow Facebook to hand over your details to other companies

Unless you tell them not to, Facebook will give companies access to your profiles for research and advertising purposes. They can even use your details in the adverts themselves.

To stop Facebook from handing over your details, click Account > Privacy Settings > Applications and websites. Next to ‘Instant Personalisation Pilot Program’ click ‘Edit setting’. Make sure the box is not ticked at the bottom of the screen. To make sure you don’t appear in any adverts, go to Account > Account Settings > Facebook Adverts. Select ‘no one’ on ‘Allow ads on platform pages to show my information to’ and ‘Show my social actions in Facebook ads to’.

4. Make sure nobody else is using your account

This is a new feature which was rolled out by Facebook last week. It allows you to monitor which devices are being used to access your account.

Go to Account > Account settings > Account security. Click ‘Would you like to receive notifications for logins from new devices?’ and then click ‘Yes’ below.

Log out and log back in. You will be asked to name the device you are using. Then it will send you an email. Do this with each device you use to access your Facebook account. From now on, if anyone logs in to your account from a device you don’t use, you’ll receive an email telling you. If this happens, change your password straight away and report it to Facebook via the Help Centre.

5. Don’t put your full date of birth in your profile

It's an ideal target for identity thieves, who could use it to obtain more information about you and potentially gain access to your bank or credit card account. If you've already entered a birth date, go to your profile page and click on the ‘Info’ tab, then on ‘Edit Information’. Under the Basic Information section, choose to show only the month and day or no birthday at all.

6. Protect yourself from your friends

When your Facebook friends use applications they may be inadvertently sharing your details with third parties.

To protect yourself, click Account > Privacy Settings > Applications and websites > What your friends can share about you. Untick all of the boxes and then save your changes.

7. Don’t advertise your home

You should make sure you never post your full address on Facebook and certainly don’t put it under your ‘Info’ section.

If you’re going away on holiday, although tempting, it’s best not to advertise it on your Facebook page, or even to mention it on your friends’ pages. This is especially crucial if you or your friends’ profiles can be accessed by people not listed as friends. There have been numerous instances where people have gone away and returned to an empty home, just because they shared too much information on social media.

source: Yahoo UK.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Broadband in UK

I surfed the Internet, trying to find whether my house in Cymru is fibre optics broadband ready. We are living in a small town, and all giant companies usually doesn't take any interest in upgrading our tech life.

Then I found a website ranking the services of the Internet. They're saying that people could save more with Sky. BT customers is ought to pay almost 3 times the price for the same speed compared to Sky. (

Then I went to another website (, and found out that O2 is the overall winner for broadband overall rating. Hmm... should I consider about changing my broadband provider??

Whatever it is, I'm stucked with my ole BT, at least they're giving an unlimited Internet, and the installation was very breeze.

The lesson here is that, if you don't have a broadband connection yet, you better get O2, Sky or Virgin as your provider. Don't ever consider BT, I guess they will spend all your money on advertising.

MOT Test

For those who doesn't have any experience in MOT (like us), there are a lot of questions regarding that matter. To begin with, MOT stands for Ministry of Transport. It is a set of tests to see whether a motor vehicle is road worthy.
MOT Test Sign

An MOT test can be done in almost all workshop/garage. All workshop that does MOT usually put a tag showing they're doing MOT. Some would even spare some parking spots for cars that is going to have an MOT test.

MOT test consists of braking test, tyre thread test, suspension test, turning test, windscreen inspection, emission test, and several checkup on the vehicle chasis and engine compartments. If your vehicle fails on one of these tests, your vehicle would be considered not road worthy.

MOT test would cost about £50+. No extra charges will be needed if your vehicle pass the test. However, you might need to spend some wonga if your vehicle doesn't pass. For example, if you fail in brake test, you should change the brakes.

An MOT test usually comes with a grace period of 10-15 days for a free retest from the same workshop. So if you fail the first time, you can go to other workshop, get it repaired, and come again for a free test.

So, whenever you need to go for an MOT test, you can only hope that your car runs smoothly throughout the whole set of tests.

...By the way... My car just failed the MOT test... boo hoo hoo... Gotta dig down my savings account... Damn... my plan on buying a new computer should wait another year.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Perihal PhD

Hari2 sang suami drop saya di sini, terkedek2 saya berjalanan ke dalam

Pejam celik, sudah setengah tahun kami menuntut ilmu di perantauan Cymru (Wales) ini. Kejap sangat rasanya masa berlalu. Setiap kali bulan berlalu, debaran di hati ♥♥ makin terasa kuatnya. Sentiasa terdetik persoalan dalam diri, bagaimana kah perjalanan PhD ku ini. Dup dap, Tuhan saja yang tahu.

Saya sedang membelakangi bangunan yang belakangnya terdapat bangunan school saya

Pabila mengetahui sahabat handai yang sudah menghampiri garisan penamat PhD mereka dan/atau yang sudah pulang ke tanahair tercinta dengan hela nafas lega setelah 3 tahun, saya cukup gembira buat mereka. Tumpang rasa berbangga. Berkobar2 semangat dalam diri untuk menjadi seperti mereka, teringin untuk menghela nafas lega seperti mereka juga suatu hari nanti. Diharapkan kami dan juga rakan2 yang lain yang masih berjuang, akan diberi kemudahan dalam menjalani pembelajaran di sini dan moga tercapai target di dalam masa yang telah ditetapkan di sini, insyaAllah. Amin.

Kelihatan sedikit bangunan sebelah kanan gambar-itu lar makmal saya nanti

Saya kini hampir menyiapkan penulisan literature review. Baru nak habis?? Ya! Baru hampir! Berbulan-bulan -berpeluh, pening, sesak, buntu rasanya si otak duk mengarang itu dan ini. Proposal presentation sudah dikomen2. Abstrak seminar telah selesai. Target bulan ini adalah untuk submit segala nya pada Tuan Supervisor, seterusnya pada College of Natural Sciences. Kesemua alah penulisan itu adalah sebagai progress report yang WAJIB untuk dihantar pada College. Tuan supervisor akan membincangkan all-out mengenai kerja makmal (bersama orang2 makmal) setelah segala alah penulisan diselesaikan.

Target bulan depan untuk submit segala 'kerjasekolah' keselamatan/statistik (dah lulus subjek ini, baru saya dibenarkan membuat kerja makmal). Perbincangan kecil2 sebelum ini akan dirumuskan dan dibuat keputusan yang sebenar. Tak sabar rasanya untuk kerja makmal. Bukan tak sabar apa, tak sabar untuk merasai PhD yang sebenar. Erk, gitu kah? Kalau kerja makmal sudah bermula, lega lar hati sikit bila dah tahunya the rhythm of my Phd journey. ☺Moga-moga sangat lar dipermudahkan segala, dan diterangkan hati ini supaya sentiasa paham apa yang bakal dilakukan. Amin. ops, debaran datang lagi.

I love what I'm doing..
pic from

Monday, 17 May 2010

30% of Gamers Don't Pay

Recent studies [cite] shows that 30% of gamers don't pay for their games. It is quite shocking to hear about that because in 3rd world country, I think 99% of gamers don't pay for their games. The remaining 1% is paying monthly fee such as World of Warcraft.

I guess the percentage that they shown is quite low because I don't think that those researchers got the numbers of pirated games. In Thailand, you can find a shopping mall full of pirated softwares and games.

According to the research, the 30% are those who downloaded free demos, and game freebies on the Internet. People who are planting digital plants and fishing digital fishes on social network also falls into that 30% category.

Anyway... demos and free online games are still acceptable because even though they are free, they are still legal. You must hope that you don't waste too much time on it though, coz those free games are the ones that usually very very addictive.

Beware of these addictive games...



Mafia Wars

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Sejuk lar tangan you

Itu hari saya ceritakan mengenai sang suami yang mula bercucuk tanam ... Kini, bunganya sudah berbunga-bunga. Bermacam warna. Suka betul tengok! Hari-hari dia siram pagi petang. Bunga pun happy lar nak tumbuh, sebab tuannya rajin. Orang tua kata, kalau menjadi dan subur pokok yang ditanam..tangan sejuk.

Hari pertama

Pansy, flower with a face

All sorts of colours

Jualan Bonet Kereta

TreeTop Carboot

Suka betul kami dengan carboot sale. Pastinya orang yang baru sahaja sampai ke UK ni, memang sentiasa excited nak pergi ke carboot sale. Kami biasanya sekadar hanya mencuci mata jika tiada barang yang ditarget untuk dibeli. Mengisi masa lapang kami. Nak beli barang pun berfikir dua tiga kali kerana teratak kami comel bin cinonet, tak cukup ruang letak barang banyak-banyak. Di situ, mainan dan baju kekanak memang berlambak! Pusing kanan, pusing kiri, yang itu utama. Ke carboot, satu jer perkara yang saya takut, berjumpa anjing. Pelbagai spesies, tinggi kecik, banyak bulu, sikit bulu, yang suka menghidu sana sini . Ish, saya memang akan asyik elak sana sinun, takut betul!

Di tempat kami, hanya tiga carboot sales yang ada - Mona, TreeTop dan Llandegai. Hanya satu yang cukup digemari kami - Mona. Tapi kesemua jualan bonet kereta adalah tertakluk kepada keadaan cuaca. Kini, keadaan musim bunga, cuaca panas yang tak menentu, kekadang hujan dan berangin, menyebabkan orang berjual di jualan bonet kereta belum cukup galaknya. Musim panas nanti..baru lar carboot sales yang sebenar - menurut senior2.

Teringin kumpul set pinggan mangkuk

Bebaru ini, kami mendapat sesuatu yang diidam-idamkan, setelah tengok FB akak sorang ni.. berkenan betul tengok. Saya pun pasang lar niat untuk memilikinya jua. Kalau ada menda tu, boleh lar buat aktiviti romantika bersama sang suami nanti. Dah berminggu2 kami mencarinya, asyik jumpa yang buruk dan mahal. Tapi kali ni, masih baru, masih lagi di dalam plastik. Apa lagi..terus grab.. hanya £4. Hanya dapat bargain £1. Belum expert bab2 mem-bargain ni (Baruberjinak2 lar katakan). Mengangkut lar kami bawak balik si barang itu. Jumpa rakan senegara, ditegurnya, "Nak balik kampung?". Hehe.

Jeng jeng jeng.. Inilah dia....



Set untuk empat

Tikar kain pun ada!

Nantilah boleh lar kami piknik ala2 omputih.. :D

Hehe, sama plak bakul dengan gambar ni

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Perasaan tika ini, tergedik-gedik mahu..

1) Bergolek2 di pantai, lepas tu nak masukkan muka dalam air masin!!

2) Beli kain baju raya, tudung raya, bermacam promosi kain/tudung di facebook, ter'liur' tau! Anda tolong belikan untuk saya?! Di laman web bestie friend saya!

3) Beli kasut warna hitam, ada unsur2 ke-pink-an. mahu tapi .. sayang woo duit!
4) Berjumpa dengan bonda... anakandamu merindui mu! Sungguh! Pasti!

5) Makan mee kari!! yummy. tapi makan sorang-sorang, tak syiokkk.

6) Teringin bela Theodore..!! Saya tak suka kucing, tapi saya suka Theodore.


Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Batman 3 Confirmed

Looking at my DVD rack, and I can see "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight" DVD. Last week I was wondering what if the Batman franchise decided not to make the third instalment of Christian Bale Batman!

My question was answered today when I read this article. "Batman 3 Confirmed". Now I just can't wait for the DVD to be sold in car boots!
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