Friday, 19 November 2010

Raya party is coming!

Lotza of presents. Not for us. Not by us. We bought it and wrapped it for our Malaysian Society here in Bang*or. Those will be given to the winners of Win, lose or draw, Deco-tudung-for-your-wife and Musical Chair - the games which will be held during our coming party .

Both of us are among the only four committee members of the society - the president, vice president (suami fara), secretary (isteri azrul) and treasurer. Huhu. (Kami lah merangkap pembungkus hadiah, penyedia senarai makanan, penyedia kelengkapan makan, penyewa dewan, pembuat banner, peniup belon..merangkap segala). Gini lar kalau ahli kelab yang tak seramai mana.

Our society will organize an Eid Adha celebration with a potluck theme, on this coming Sunday. Yey, party is here!! Can't wait for it. Both of us will bring our hope-to-be-delicious Nasi Dagang Ganu. Or we have to present it as Traveller's Rice to make it understandable for our guests (need to translate all our local food into english..oil rice?vegetable dalca?compressed rice?).
We are gonna invite our deary Mr/Mrs Supervisors and some local friends (Selamet dateng !!). Bruneian students will also join us. Meriahh noksss. There are not so many of us. So, to make our simple-usual makan-makan raya into a great celebration, why not we just invite the others.

Lets get together and celebrate, rakan-rakan!

p/s: hope everything will run smoothly, amin.

1 comment:

mzhany said...

hohoho, tang oil rice tuh kelakor...mesti org sana xnak mkn sangat...kan berminyak ;) hihiih

eh pun dari Ganu ;)

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