Monday, 22 November 2010


A friend of mine just bought the latest HTC HD7 last week! Walaweh... It was very nice. It's quite responsive for a Windows Mobile, but personally I do think that is because it uses a 1.5GHz ARM Based Processor compared to other smart phones that only uses 1GHz processors.

Microsoft is generous enough to put some demo games inside the XboxLive apps. I tried NFS Underground... and won even though I don't know how to accelerate! It seems like the car accelerate by itself, players just need to steer and brake.

The screen is very big. The displays pan up-down for the apps and widgets. Not sideways like iPhone, Android and even Symbian. It has a camera cover cum stand that makes it easier for people to put their phones down to watch movies. Kudos. I remembered have to hold my phone to watch Ponyo... very not relaxing and it is hard for you to enjoy the movie.

All and all... the designs is very good. Xbox Live is very welcome. The only drawback is that the apps store doesn't have a lot supporters (yet?). People is either focuses on iOS or Android. Well... it is a nice buy... but I won't buy it for myself.

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