Thursday, 25 November 2010

Cheaper Wii

I just bought a set of Wii for a friend. Just to find out yesterday that Nintendo decided to cut the prices of the black console towards the end of the year.

The new black package come in three types.

  1. Black console + 1 remote + Wii Sports + Wii Sports Resort (£164)
  2. Black console + 1 remote + Wii Sports + Mario Kart Wii + Wii Wheel (£149)
  3. Black console + 1 remote + Wii Sports + Wii Fit Plus + Wii Balace Board (£169)

All those three packages are bargain purchases. You will have the most savings on the third package bundle. Because you can't get a Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board without emptying £79 from your pocket. Furthermore, the Balance Board is Black.

I also noticed that those new package comes with a controller that already has Wii Motion Plus built-in. That is a bummer for those who spent lots of dough to buy that heavy add-ons. (Like me!)

Nintendo shouldn't upgrade it's Wii any... just come out with a new HD console oredi!

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