Thursday, 28 October 2010


Year 2000 would be the first time I'm being exposed to the formal education in computer science. At that time, the 450MHz Intel processor was the best thing that someone would have to play with.

I was very lucky to get the chance to play with them during my programming class, even though what I was doing was just no more than 'Hello World' and 'sorting'.

Today, after 10 years. I'm in a computer lab with loads of dual core 2.5GHz systems at my disposal. Looking at the new students exploring their way into Java programming. This must be the feeling that my demonstrator has had looking at us spitting errors across the screen.

Student nowadays are even luckier than me. They get advanced facility, and some of them even bring their own Netbook (a term which was just created in 2009) to program on those thing.

So here I am, looking at them... reminiscing memory of my youth. I just hoping that they'll turn out to be a good (skillfully & ethically) programmer someday.

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