Saturday, 18 September 2010

HTC Wildfire 2

The handset has arrived safely. My world has finally opened to Android mobiles. Without even blinking, I've took my sim card from my phone and test it on the HTC Wildfire.

Sure you have to do some settings at first, but once you keyed in all you login information, you are ready to go. Your friends on Facebook and Twitter can be seen in the window. I fell in love with HTC Sense seamlessness. All smartphone GUI should have done the same.

Without even typing any names, your friends who have their telephone numbers written on Facebook will be accessible through your phone address book. How cool is that?

Other than that, the Android OS is quite amazing. You can easily download all the apps from the Android store and all the software runs smoothly. Unlike the Symbian counterpart, in which the software needed to be developed to fit each handphone. There are no cure for all in Symbian, but Android doesn't seem to have that problem.

After playing it for a while, I noticed that I prefer the Facebook official app rather than using the HTC Sense's Friend Stream. The former shows more recent wallposts than the latter. Plus the latter doesn't have any ability for you to write personal messages in Facebook. Maybe it is because there is no such thing as private messages in Twitter (which Friend Stream try to integrate).

Whatever it is. HTC Wildfire is a very good product. I certainly recommend it for those who couldn't afford HTC Desire. HTC's superior HTC Sense really makes sense, and is the selling point for me.

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