Tuesday, 14 September 2010

HD Component Cable for Nintendo Wii

After buying two sets of Wii Motion Pluses, Nunchuks, and Classic Remotes... I don't have any idea what to buy for my white console. Then I went on searching for more things to buy online, and found out that I left out HD component cable.
I browsed the Internet and found several brands that is selling such thing. Even though I was not fully convinced that the product will do any good with my gameplay, I placed an order anyway. A no brand cable was sold online for under £4, and even if there are no differences, I won't bother as much.

The product arrives quite long after the order have been placed. Once I get my hands on it, I just tore the packaging and hooked the cables from Wii to my TV. Turned the Wii on, and noticed some differences in color depth. The reds and greens seems to be brighter than usual. ... and that's only the welcome & home screen (without twitching anything in the settings)

Then I turned the setting to HDTV (480p), and start a game. The color was marvellous! It seems a lot better than I expected. The reflection seems more white, and the edges became sharper than ever. Well they say that is as good as it gets with Nintendo Wii.

All and all... for under £4, the HD Component Cable for Nintendo Wii is a must have add-ons for those who have a Nintendo Wii & a HDTV connected to it. IMO, it is worth every penny...

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