Thursday, 5 August 2010

Weekend Planning

Couple of guys came into our room again and trying to do something with the network switch. Well, what is the problem with them? Are they trying to have a grid computing too? Why don't they just take their research project money and buy themselves a new one?

I wonder what are they trying to do with a lot of internet connection. From what I know, they should be able to connect wirelessly without having to hassle with the LAN. I just hope that whatever they do, they do not interfere with me or my Internet.

Well, we just leave them doing anything they like for now. Lets talk about something else.... Today feels a little bit hotter as the sun shines brightly. Closing some of the window do help to increase the temperature of this room. I just love the heat...

Tomorrow would be the final working day of the week. I have a plan for Saturday but no plans for Sunday yet. I guess going window shopping at the car boots sales might be pleasant. What do you think wifey? Any ideas?

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