Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies (PnZ) is on of the most talked about real time strategy game in the market. It open up the paradigm of RTS games which was usually being related into war between races, beliefs and species.

In Plants vs Zombies, player plays the role of gardener trying to save his own house from the invasion of zombies. The only line of defence you will have is your plants.

Some of your plants can shoot seeds, some acts as a boulder, and some as a bomb. Resources in the game is not the tiberium or ore. The resources in the game is just sun rays. You collect sun rays to be able to plant more plants.

The zombies come in many types. There are normal zombies, zombies with a road cone on his head, zombies with cooking pan on his head, sporty zombie and even an old zombie reading newspaper. Each zombies will have a unique style of movement, and you have to place your plants accordingly so that the zombies would not reach your house.

Your house is not without any safety, if a zombie chew his way until the end of the garden, a lawnmower will come out and wipe out all of the zombies in its line.

All and all... I found that the game is addictive... (just like any other PopCap games). and very challenging. Good job PopCap. Plants vs Zombies is surely the best cute RTS game so far...

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