Saturday, 21 August 2010

O-One Hundred Hour

It's almost 1 o'clock in the morning. Wifey has already taken her beauty sleep upstairs. Me on the other hand had only just finished reinstalling my OSes (again) (and again). Its not that there are any problem with my previous setting, I just like the idea of installing new OSes and watch my computer running like new.

Felt a little bit sleepy, but I hope that the caffeine in my Latte Macchiato will help me continue working through out the night. This is the problem with computer scientist/engineers. You couldn't sleep without thinking about finishing some work. Weekends doesn't bring any meaning if work isn't finished.

Computer is a little bit different from other research fields. Other research field may think that their work is following them home, but that is just metaphorically. Thanks to the innovation of laptop computers, work for computer researchers will follow them literally. We couldn't give any reasons not to do our work even if we are at home.. because we should be able to do it anywhere.

The other problem with computer researchers is that they could not do any work without the computer. And everybody knows that the computer itself has a lot of distracting things. Websites, games, SNSs, IMs are just to name a few. If other researches wanted to concentrate on working... they can just easily unplug their computer and start working peacefully. (except of course during their stats/writing)

Anyway... enough blabbering... and off to work. (this blog post is another good example of distracting things... tehehe)

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