Friday, 13 August 2010

I Miss Partition Magic

I didn't remember my last time using the software, but Partition Magic has worked its magic so many times during my computer life. Yesterday as I am thinking about installing a new Operating System (OS) to make it easier for me to do my research. As usual, when there is something related to extra OS, Partition Magic was the first thing that came up to my mind.

Then I browsed the Internet and found out that the latest version of that software was 5 years ago! People are saying that it is not usable with Windows Vista or 7. The only way to partition my computer would be by buying an online disk partitioner... which I don't know the maker of the software... as Bart would say... "Dodgiiee".

Then I found out that current Windows Vista and 7 Disk Management can shrink and expand partitions! Horay! I was very glad to hear that, and straight away try it. I did try to shrink the partition... but sadly found out that  Disk Management couldn't shrink/expand any partition that is having the system file and/or an NTFS. Which in my case, the partition was both of them. Dang...

So there's nothing else to do but to go back to square one and uses my USB bootable Ubuntu Linux. I just have to live with the USB stick dongle at the side of my laptop from now on... Urghhh...

My current USB Live Ubuntu 64-bit Screenshot.

ps: I have a minor problem, the Linux didn't shut down properly. Is it just me or everybody is having that problem?

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