Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Xbox 360 4Gb Matte Finish

As I was just surfing the net to find some will to continue my daily research, I stumbled upon a shocking news. (shocking for me at least).

Microsoft has announced their new-er Xbox 360! All of it just after 4 days releasing it's glossy finished 250Gb! This model can be considered as the replacement of their current Xbox 360 arcade.

They say that the new xbox that will release on the 20th August 2010 will have WiFi 802.11n inside the box. That will promise you a faster broadband (if you have an N broadband router of course).

They also say that the 4gb storage is removable too... but still I couldn't imagine how the storage would look like. Sometimes it's just better off using a thumbdrive.

There are also a version of this that are coming together with the KINECT. However it will cost you another 100 quids more. Still its a saving of 20 quids compared to buying KINECT off the shelves, but £100 is a grand amount of money. You can get an Xbox Arcade for that. Now I wonder how Wii was able to make their controller so cheap...

Whatever it is... I do think that this new version is another version of Xbox 360 that I am gonna to skip.

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