Wednesday, 28 July 2010

5 Days Forecast

We usually use BBC website as our weather forecast reference. It is not because we support BBC or think that they're superior than any other news agency in the world, it is just because since we are in Cymru, and we do think that British news agency might have a better understanding to their own weather.

With the look at our weather forecast, even though now is supposedly to be summer, there aren't quite any day for us to have a fully sunny day. As you can see, the days are either sunny intervals (which is cloudy) or heavy rain or light rain shower.

This kind of weather usually makes people here stucked in their houses the whole week. No wonder these people really enjoy their sunshine. At a glimpse of sunshine, people here will wear their shortest shorts and t-shirts. (even though the thermometer shows 17c!)

Whatever it is, British should not be too hateful of this weather. After all, this kind of weather is the one that stops the Spanish armada from invading their islands. Hmm... if the weather is not like this hundreds of years ago, I might be writing this post in Spanish... Ola Ola... :)

For those who read this in the countries near the equator, enjoy your sunshine.

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