Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Windows 8

Windows 8 is coming to town. But not as early as you might think. It will be on the shelves by 2012. I guess Microsoft considers Windows 7 as a success, and they deserve some more rests from the race.

Microsoft seems to be frustrated when people saying that Apple is having a better OS than theirs. Maybe they think they can win the war with the fruit with their chinese lucky number 8.

Here are some points that the leaked slides shows.

  1. Apps store (to compete with Apple's App Store)
  2. Improved energy efficiency (I don't think so... because the hardwares vary)
  3. Faster startup (Yes... I really need this)
  4. Push button reset (Format your windows with a push of a button... Interesting... considering their system always crash)
  5. Face recognition (Have been implemented by Dell & Microsoft KINECT)
  6. Support of slates (iPad killer!)
  7. Better help and support (errr... you shouldn't have to wait for future release to do that)
  8. Better identity management (.... don't like to use it)
Whatever it is... the best thing for Microsoft to do is to make their Windows a free software. It will automatically kill all their rivals. 

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