Thursday, 24 June 2010

Who Should Buy a Nikon D5000 Over Nikon D90

Nikon D5000 - Nikon D90

I always browse on the Internet, looking for some clarification saying that D5000 is a good camera, but usually, a lot of people would join the threads and saying that D90 is a better camera, and D5000 is a cut throat version of D90.

Let me help those who is currently undecided on which one to buy. Here are some characteristics that might help.

Get a Nikon D5000 if...

  1. You're accustomed to LCD view in a compact digital camera
  2. You don't have enough money to buy a D90
  3. You like to take pictures of flowers without getting your trousers dirty
  4. You like to take pictures from odd angles
  5. You like to take picture of yourself or with timer settings
Get a Nikon D90 if...
  1. You're pretty sure that you want to be a professional photographer someday
  2. Picture quality is your main consideration (D5000 might have a slightly darker picture than D90)
  3. You have plenty of Nikon AF (without motor) lenses. (D5000 requires a AF-S, HSM or BIM lenses for auto focusing)
I hope the listing helps... Whatever it is... a new version replacing D90 will be out soon.


Norry said...

Fara, D90 have built in motor, D5000 don't have, means with D90 u can use any nikkor lens. Spend more for the body, u can get better price for the lens. Prime Lens 1.8 is the best for potrait photos which u can buy for RM400 only for the lens.

azrul said...

What is the maker of the RM400 prime lens?

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