Tuesday, 15 June 2010

New Xbox 360 is on Its Way!

Yeah... Well, the giant Microsoft corp has come up with their new Xbox 360! Yeps... not Xbox 720 as people previously estimated.

I hope that the new version is not a cut cost type, and will run smoothly with nor RROD (Red Ring of Death) which proved to be a PITA in the early version of 360.

And I also hope that it's not just a way to attract people to buy this model just because of how it looks. Following is how the new version looks like. Sleek! (It is a little bit smaller than current Xbox 360)

The new Xbox 360 unveiled
(USA: 24 June $299, UK: 17 July £199)

The picture on the left also include Xbox new way of playing games, the KINECT (or previously known as Project NATAL). With KINECT, players wouldn't need to handle any controller. Their body is their controller!

If the KINECT and the new Xbox 360 works... it surely will make people in Nintendo & Sony restless. The KINECT will work with older version of 360, so whoever owns a 360 now, just buy the add on.

I don't know about the price of the new console and KINECT just yet... but they will surely cut the price of their current console. 

Thats all I know about this new console. We have to wait for today's Sony's and Nintendo's presentation. Playstation 3 Slim Slim with PS Move Squared... or the long awaited Wii HD? or... another KINECTish playmode??

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