Thursday, 10 June 2010

Lens Craze

Not so long ago, we were in dilemma on which camera to buy. At that time we read about DSLR camera is an expensive hobby, and didn't take any attention to that.

At that time, we wonder, will the hobby cost a lot more than the camera itself? Illogical... yeah, pretty naive of us. After a while using the camera... now we know the true reason about that... it's the lens! and yes, some of it would cost more than the already expensive camera!

Having said so here are some lens that I found interesting, but wayy out of our budget.

Nikon's Nikkor 18-200 mm VR lens
(my favourite.. but it would cost a fortune £500+)

Tamron 18-270 mm for Nikon
(second favourite, but there is no image stabilizing mech., cost £400+)

Tamron 18-250mm for Nikon
(third favourite, same problem as above, £300+)

Nikon's Nikkor 55-200 mm
(the least favourite, but the most likely for us to buy, £150+)

Haaaa.... shouldn't messed up with DSLR hobby... but every picture taken makes it worth it!

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