Wednesday, 19 May 2010

MOT Test

For those who doesn't have any experience in MOT (like us), there are a lot of questions regarding that matter. To begin with, MOT stands for Ministry of Transport. It is a set of tests to see whether a motor vehicle is road worthy.
MOT Test Sign

An MOT test can be done in almost all workshop/garage. All workshop that does MOT usually put a tag showing they're doing MOT. Some would even spare some parking spots for cars that is going to have an MOT test.

MOT test consists of braking test, tyre thread test, suspension test, turning test, windscreen inspection, emission test, and several checkup on the vehicle chasis and engine compartments. If your vehicle fails on one of these tests, your vehicle would be considered not road worthy.

MOT test would cost about £50+. No extra charges will be needed if your vehicle pass the test. However, you might need to spend some wonga if your vehicle doesn't pass. For example, if you fail in brake test, you should change the brakes.

An MOT test usually comes with a grace period of 10-15 days for a free retest from the same workshop. So if you fail the first time, you can go to other workshop, get it repaired, and come again for a free test.

So, whenever you need to go for an MOT test, you can only hope that your car runs smoothly throughout the whole set of tests.

...By the way... My car just failed the MOT test... boo hoo hoo... Gotta dig down my savings account... Damn... my plan on buying a new computer should wait another year.

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