Sunday, 23 May 2010

Foggy Menai Strait

Menai Strait
Behind my school
Cloudy and foggy morning

On our way to my school last Friday, we encountered an amazing phenomenon, sea FROG.. ops, Sea Fog. Subhanallah, cantik. The wonderful thing is, we can smell the 'fishy' smell..the Sea smell..Aaaah, so fresh. Sang suami kata, macam bau seashells. For me, it reminds me sooo much with my hometown. Bau Pasar Payang.. selalu jejalan ngan my Mama. Bau Pantai Chendering.. dating dengan sang suami yang ketika itu sang boyfriend. Bau Pantai Batu Buruk, lepak dengan kengkawan time cuti semester Uni. Nostalgic gitu! Bila dapat bau lagi bebaru ini, tak puas rasanya bau laut yang indah itu. Rasa cam nak simpan dalam botol bau itu.

Here is some information about Sea Fog, which I copied from the internet source.
Another common type of formation is associated with sea fog (also known as haar or fret). This is due to the peculiar effect of salt. Clouds of all types require minute hygroscopic particles upon which water vapor can condense. Over the ocean surface, the most common particles are salt from salt spray produced by breaking waves
On the east coast of Scotland sea fog is known locally as haar or North Sea Haar, and it is often said to plague local residents during the Summer. Likewise, it's English counterpart - Fret or Sea Fret can make Summer days on the East coast of England miserable.

The university vessel in fog

Usually Bangor can be seen from here


azmina ibrahim said...

tau tau tau....mesti mcm filem the fog thu kan?....alaa...cite hantu tuh...ingt dop ;-)

fara said...

hehe. yep2. cam gitu lar. pandaiii puan azmina kiter!

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