Monday, 17 May 2010

30% of Gamers Don't Pay

Recent studies [cite] shows that 30% of gamers don't pay for their games. It is quite shocking to hear about that because in 3rd world country, I think 99% of gamers don't pay for their games. The remaining 1% is paying monthly fee such as World of Warcraft.

I guess the percentage that they shown is quite low because I don't think that those researchers got the numbers of pirated games. In Thailand, you can find a shopping mall full of pirated softwares and games.

According to the research, the 30% are those who downloaded free demos, and game freebies on the Internet. People who are planting digital plants and fishing digital fishes on social network also falls into that 30% category.

Anyway... demos and free online games are still acceptable because even though they are free, they are still legal. You must hope that you don't waste too much time on it though, coz those free games are the ones that usually very very addictive.

Beware of these addictive games...



Mafia Wars


IzanJay said...

Masa berlalu memang tak perasan..pejam pelik pejam celik dah nak VIVA..bagus kalau sv jenis all out, then bawak bincang dengan orang2 makmal sume..n yang keselamatan punyer course tu, sama la kat cardiff ni...2,3 kali course yang related kena attend...nak masuk lab pun kena induction dulu...baru boleh buat kerja2 kat lab.,

InsyaAllah..sumenya akan okay..bila dah mula buat lab..pening yang lain pulak nanti akan menyusul..hehehehe...tapi itu semua kemanisan PhD!

Both of u are going to be just fine!

fara said...

kak izan dah nak viva? erk, berdebarnya. yerp2, kena study sakan pasal health and safety, hantar memacam proposal berkenaan tu, baru lar kasik masuk lab.
itular kan..nanti 'pening lab' lak yek. kene sabo banyak.
insyaAllah.. kak izan pun, moga elok2 lar segalanya!

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