Friday, 2 April 2010

Recovery Week

It has been almost a week since we came back from our holiday. Surprisingly the weather turn out to be colder than before. What has been wrong? Just blame it to the global warming I guess.

Earlier this week we have been resting a lot at home to recover ourselves. Lot of proteins needed to build up all the torn muscles, so I ate more. I just hope that my weight doesn't increases... again.

Tonight in particular, there isn't any interesting movie on the TV. Just like any other Friday. We were served with boring 1970's and 1980's movie. Yes, there is King Kong on ITV1, but what's the point of watching that movie again?

I don't like that main actor, the supporting actor (Jack Black), and the ape... its just no good at all... Then there are scenes with overgrown insects and even Tyrannosaurus Rex! What is it with the director? Its just not a good remake... Enough babbling about it.... zip.

Owh... I almost forgot, it's good Friday today, and people are having another holiday. My supervisor even take a 2-week vacation. Wonder where is he going with his family this time.

Other than that, my wife cooked a lovely dinner tonight... KFC chicken! Coleslaw! Mashed Potato! Kurma ayam! and Nasi Minyak... and I get to eat all of it. Yummy... Now that my stomach is full, I'm trying my best to stay awake as long as I can.

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