Tuesday, 6 April 2010


It is quite confusing regarding holidays in University. There are student holidays, and there are office holidays.

Student holidays is where there is no courses going on in the university, and the university student are allowed to go back home. Office holidays on the other hand are when the all the university offices are closed. I know that office holidays are subset of student holidays.

Back in Malaysia there is only student holidays, and the university workers are needed to come the whole year except on public holidays. There are some differences, because unlike public holiday, office holidays in UK is not documented clearly in websites, and the holidays might differ from every institution.

Leaving people having to guess, and to get information from word of mouth between peers.

Whatever it is... now I'm here alone in the research lab... writing this posts. Well, I better use all of this time finishing up my paper. It has been slow this few weeks. I hope that I can make a lot of progress this whole week.

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