Wednesday, 7 April 2010

New Printer

The new researcher that sits in front of me came in today even though that today suppose to be still in the Easter's holiday weekend. He even got a new printer, maybe that considered as an Easter present.

I don't envy him, because, even though I have a printer next to my iMac, I don't usually use them so much lately. Maybe the idea of having to buy a new cartridge if the inks are empty scares me so much.

Currently I'm thinking about buying a computer solely for the number crunching research. I just hope that when I order it, the University would not interfere by changing my orders. This is because the one that I would like to use for my research will be really specific.

What ever it is, I still don't have a clue of the research's necessities and limitations just yet. I think that by the end of this semester I could come out with specifications for the system.

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