Thursday, 15 April 2010

Health Walk

I just came back from the normal health walk through the high street. There is nothing much. As usual, I visited the game store, searching for any bargains available. No luck today, so I went to buy some groceries.

It was a really nice walk as the sun shines brightly, and all the people are wearing as thin clothing as they can. I just hope that they know that it is not summer yet. It is still chilly, OK? capisce?

Thanks to the thick sweater I wear, I was able to break some sweats by walking briskly. If I'm wearing the other sweater I have, I don't think I would break a sweat even if I brisk walked for 2 miles.


ps: there are several more cabbage sprouts appear this morning. I must get my hands dirty and sow the garden very soon. "Where is my track bottoms dear?"

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