Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Grass Cutting & Raking

Grass Cutting Day 1

I open up the store under the stairs and pull out an electric grass trimmer.

Just after finishing mowing and trimming up the grass, we realised that grass cuttings were all over the place. Adding to the problem, we soon realised that we don't have any rake! Since gardening shops are closed by then, we just left it the way it is.

Grass Cutting Day 2

We decided to buy a rake to settle the unfinished business. Only to find that all the lights in our house couldn't be turned on. The fuse has burnt. We have to wait for the handyman to come at our house in the evening. There goes our opportunity to buy any rake... The grass cuttings would have to wait another day.

Grass Cutting Day 3

We went to school as usual, went to the gardening shop after that, and bought a rake. There are a lot of rakes to choose from. There are leaf rakes, lawn rakes, garden rakes... and we don't know which one can be used for raking grass cuttings! As clueless as can be, I  just took the one with adjustable rake spread and hope that this will do the thing.

Went home and Fara started to rake (after being dared by me). She raked several times and as usual, I took over. It's quite tricky when you have an adjustable rake, too wide and you ain't get nothing raked, to tight and all you will do is spooning off the lawn. We set it to just right and were able to gather some grass cuttings.

Going to the other side of the garden, we are unable to rake anything. Our theory is that all the grass cuttings were blown away by the strong wind a day before. Well, sorry about that neighbours... its just gone with the wind...

For grass mowing tips, go to Top Lawn Mower.

ps:// Two new pansy buds were noticed yesterday. Both of them were purple.

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