Friday, 23 April 2010

2 Out Of 4

2 out of 4 of my orders have arrived safely. One of the 2 was delivered through the toilet window! Thanks Mr Postman... I was very relieved that the parcel didn't get into the toilet bowl. I guess he peeked into our toilet first before throwing it in.

Today would be the last day of course for Fara. From next week onwards, we will be going through a normal research days like before. One on the mainland, and one on the Pulau. No more lunch dates... boo hoo hoo... No more cappuccinos... boo hoo...

Yes, I have another two orders currently at the hands of the Royal Mail. I hope that all the orders will arrive as soon as possible. Can't wait can't wait... I wonder if Mr Postman gonna throw the parcel through the toilet window again this time. I hope not!

There was nobody here in the lab today. I just spent my whole time here reading, and reading (with a glimpse of browsing of course). I just felt that I was not as aggressive at researching this week. I guess the whole delay on the deliveries of my research materials have left me down for the whole week.

I just end it for now, and pray to God so that I'll be more productive next week. Till then... Chalos.

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