Friday, 30 April 2010

Friday blues

Haa..itu hari Encik Zuruziri mengalami monday blues. Ini hari Puan Farafiri lak Friday blues. Lemah lemau badan pagi ni nak pergi school. Buat bekal makan simple jer hari ni - fajitas chicken. Goreng-goreng, gulung-gulung, sudah! Makan pagi - keropok keping goreng (adoko!), bubur kacang (leftover yang zaman bila), nasi goreng (leftover juga). Simple mimple tapi alhamdulillah, ada rezeki untuk diisikan ke dalam tummy comel kami.

Weekend kami full kalini:

Sabtu - our weekly routine, going to carboot sale. Not intend to buy anything, sekadar cuci2 mata dan menghabiskan masa. Kemudian, sabtu kali ini, beloved Kak shikin ask us to help her membungkus harta benda. Dia kena pindah rumah baru. Tak sabar nak bbq di rumah barunya. *Wink*

Ahad - the first ever formal meeting of our small Malaysian Society. Harap berjalan dengan lancar dan mencapai kata sepakat dalam apa jua perbincangan.

Monday - bank holiday. We do not have any plan. Takpe lar, rehat2 kan diri. Siapkan stok makanan untuk the new week. Sudah kebuntuan, setiap minggu menu sama. Suda bosan! :p

Pss, anak2 bunga Daisy sudah keluar pucuk nya. Suka lonjak2 sang suami saya. Bunga Pansy memang subur jayanya berbunga2. Bunga kobis (pokok kobis, sayur kobis?) dah besar pun pucuknya. Nanti perlu dialihkan ke pasu besar baru.

Kerja sekolah saya bertimbun-timbun nak disiapkan. Rasanya tak cukup 24 jam. Tapi banyak juga masa dibazirkan. Iskh, fara fara. Apa nak jadi!

Mohon izin permisi dulu.

p/s: Ramai orang sakan pergi mencandat sotong pada tika ini di bumi Mesia. Teringat hari candat bersama kak milah, kak farid, kak jar..sape lagi ek. Seronoknya tika itu. Teringin lagi!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Monster Hunter Tri

Monster Hunter Tri is a long awaited game from Capcom. Its an action RPG game, with online multiplayer function (so cool).

This game's previous series were not released in Europe and US. Capcom is too busy conquering their market in Japan, until the third instalment only they realised that they should make it available in Europe and US.

I am a fan of action RPG. So I am pretty sure that any game in this genre is likely to be compared to Diablo franchise by Blizzard Entertainment. I just can't wait to play this game again this weekend!

Unlike other action RPGs, Monster Hunter Tri does not uses XP points for upgrading their characters. The characters are upgraded based on their weapons and armours.

These armours and weapons can be upgraded using the things character salvaged after killing a monster, or by digging from a mine inside the environment.

Each monster has their own strong and weak points, and by experience, you will and should know how the monster will attack you. It's all about attacking and evading the monsters... If you're fighting a bigger monster, you ought to go to other part of the map and replenish yourself.

After surfin' Youtube, I found that there are a lot of combinations that one could make to their weapons and armours. You can even decorate your weapons and armours, making your character unique from others.

There lots of weapon types to choose from, there are Sword and Shield, Switch Axe, Great Sword, Long Sword, Lance, Hammer, & Bowguns. I just can't wait to get my hands on the Switch Axe! and Bowgun! I'm currently using a small sword/dagger... Yes... a long long loooong way to go.

All and all, even though I am relatively new to the game, I would say that Monster Hunter Tri is the best action RPG to date that you can get on Nintendo Wii system.

Monday, 26 April 2010

An Order Cancelled and Monday Blues

In my last entry I posted about 2 out of my 4 orders have arrived. Without even realising, actually, one of my orders was cancelled! The company didn't send me any emails regarding it, but after tracking my orders, I found out that it was due to problems with my card.

I was about to get mad about it, but thinking about it again, I might as well don't really need that thing. There will always be a bargain next time. (sour grapes? na ah) All the time worrying about the Royal Mail fails to deliver my parcel was a waste.

That's all about that... I just want to let you know that I don't feel about doing any work today. It's like a Monday blues strikes me for the first time in my whole life! Now I know how people feel during their Mondays.

All the things that I do seems to be uninteresting. Feels like wanting to go home immediately. Still, I don't know what would I do even if I went home...

Here is a song for anybody out there with their Mondays Blues!

Song Sung Blue - by Neil Diamond

Song sung blue
Everybody knows one
Song sung blue
Every garden grows one

Me and you are subject to the blues now and then
But when you take the blues and make a song
You sing them out again
Sing them out again

Song sung blue
Weeping like a willow
Song sung blue
Sleeping on my pillow

Funny thing, but you can sing it with a cry in your voice
And before you know, start to feeling good
You simply got no choice


Me and you are subject to the blues now and then
But when you take the blues and make a song
You sing them out again

Song sung blue
Everybody knows one
Song sung blue
Every garden grows one

Funny thing, but you can sing it with a cry in your voice
And before you know, start to feeling good

Friday, 23 April 2010

2 Out Of 4

2 out of 4 of my orders have arrived safely. One of the 2 was delivered through the toilet window! Thanks Mr Postman... I was very relieved that the parcel didn't get into the toilet bowl. I guess he peeked into our toilet first before throwing it in.

Today would be the last day of course for Fara. From next week onwards, we will be going through a normal research days like before. One on the mainland, and one on the Pulau. No more lunch dates... boo hoo hoo... No more cappuccinos... boo hoo...

Yes, I have another two orders currently at the hands of the Royal Mail. I hope that all the orders will arrive as soon as possible. Can't wait can't wait... I wonder if Mr Postman gonna throw the parcel through the toilet window again this time. I hope not!

There was nobody here in the lab today. I just spent my whole time here reading, and reading (with a glimpse of browsing of course). I just felt that I was not as aggressive at researching this week. I guess the whole delay on the deliveries of my research materials have left me down for the whole week.

I just end it for now, and pray to God so that I'll be more productive next week. Till then... Chalos.

Thursday, 22 April 2010


Even though the weather here is not affected with the volcano ash from Iceland, there are some services that are effected. The thing that was hit hard this time is the "mail" service.

I've ordered several things online, and still didn't get my hands on them yet. It is like my money were put on hold by the Royal Mail of UK. With news telling that the airports are open now,  I guess I have to wait several more days for those things to come into my doorstep.

Still, if the snail mails are effected with the volcanic ash, I just hope the money transfer is not effected by it at all... Please bank in my money oredi..........

ps: Friends of ours has just bought two Nintendo DSi for their kids... and about to buy another one for their youngest... hmmm... kids nowadays...

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Grass Cutting & Raking

Grass Cutting Day 1

I open up the store under the stairs and pull out an electric grass trimmer.

Just after finishing mowing and trimming up the grass, we realised that grass cuttings were all over the place. Adding to the problem, we soon realised that we don't have any rake! Since gardening shops are closed by then, we just left it the way it is.

Grass Cutting Day 2

We decided to buy a rake to settle the unfinished business. Only to find that all the lights in our house couldn't be turned on. The fuse has burnt. We have to wait for the handyman to come at our house in the evening. There goes our opportunity to buy any rake... The grass cuttings would have to wait another day.

Grass Cutting Day 3

We went to school as usual, went to the gardening shop after that, and bought a rake. There are a lot of rakes to choose from. There are leaf rakes, lawn rakes, garden rakes... and we don't know which one can be used for raking grass cuttings! As clueless as can be, I  just took the one with adjustable rake spread and hope that this will do the thing.

Went home and Fara started to rake (after being dared by me). She raked several times and as usual, I took over. It's quite tricky when you have an adjustable rake, too wide and you ain't get nothing raked, to tight and all you will do is spooning off the lawn. We set it to just right and were able to gather some grass cuttings.

Going to the other side of the garden, we are unable to rake anything. Our theory is that all the grass cuttings were blown away by the strong wind a day before. Well, sorry about that neighbours... its just gone with the wind...

For grass mowing tips, go to Top Lawn Mower.

ps:// Two new pansy buds were noticed yesterday. Both of them were purple.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

UK General Election 2010

Which one do you think would win the 2010 UK General Election? Here are some Facebook pages so that you can vote for your favourite party to win this year.

Gordon Brown
Join here to vote for Labour.

David Cameron
Join here to vote for Conservative.

Nick Clegg
Join here to vote for Liberal Democrat.

Note: This is not a voting station.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Health Walk

I just came back from the normal health walk through the high street. There is nothing much. As usual, I visited the game store, searching for any bargains available. No luck today, so I went to buy some groceries.

It was a really nice walk as the sun shines brightly, and all the people are wearing as thin clothing as they can. I just hope that they know that it is not summer yet. It is still chilly, OK? capisce?

Thanks to the thick sweater I wear, I was able to break some sweats by walking briskly. If I'm wearing the other sweater I have, I don't think I would break a sweat even if I brisk walked for 2 miles.


ps: there are several more cabbage sprouts appear this morning. I must get my hands dirty and sow the garden very soon. "Where is my track bottoms dear?"

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Kelas deret-deret

Saya perlu menghadiri kelas Health and Safety setiap hari selama 2 minggu. Hari-hari melepak di libary supaya senang ke kelas. Best pula rasa pergi ke kelas, sudah 5 tahun meninggalkan alam belajar, kini kembali. Saya perlu menghadiri kelas wajib ini di semester kedua kerana saya mendaftar sewaktu semester 1 sudah bermula. Perlu lulus saja bagi pelajar PhD, kata pensyarah. Seminggu kelas untuk kesihatan dan keselamatan, seminggu pula kelas statistik.

Entri singkat saja! Ciao!

Friday, 9 April 2010

Pansy vs Daffodil

Balik dari school, saya bersemangat melihatkan hari yang terang-benderang. Maka, saya memaksa en suami menanam pokok bunga. Hehe!!

Kami pilih bunga Pansy sebab nampak cam meriah jer kalau ianya berbunga. Kami teringin bunga daffodils di halaman kami sebab warnanya yang terang dan bunganya tinggi. Tetapi rupanya perlu ditanam 'bulb' nya sejak pada musim luruh lagi. 'Bulb'nya memerlukan tanah yang sejuk untuk mengeluarkan akar. Jika ditanam pada musim sejuk, bunganya akan menjadi kecil. Lebih baik ditanam pada musim luruh, 'bulb'nya akan mempunyai masa yang cukup lama untuk berakar dan menghasilkan bunga besar. Bunga daffodils memang ada dijual di B&Q, cuma perlu dialih tapi en suami kata tak thrill ar gitu, tanam pokok yang dah berbunga. Maka, kami beli anak-anak pokok bunga walaupun dah TER-beli pokok bunga pansy yang sudah berbunga minggu lepas.

Diharap tanaman kami menjadi kali ini. Tanam serai, pandan kat Mesia pun 'kureng' menjadi!

Bahan-bahan boleh didapati daripada B&Q

Anak2 pokok Pansy tapi taktau bakal warna apa

Alihkan pokok senior pada pasu yang sama

Tanam pokok senior di tengah2

Pasu pokok senior dengan anak2 pokok di hadapan tingkap kami

p/s: teringin tengok bunga tulis di of my dreams

K'naan - Wavin' Flag Video with Lyrics

I've been playin' this song day in and day out...

Its not just a mere FIFA World Cup song, the song brings a deep message. A job well done.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

New Printer

The new researcher that sits in front of me came in today even though that today suppose to be still in the Easter's holiday weekend. He even got a new printer, maybe that considered as an Easter present.

I don't envy him, because, even though I have a printer next to my iMac, I don't usually use them so much lately. Maybe the idea of having to buy a new cartridge if the inks are empty scares me so much.

Currently I'm thinking about buying a computer solely for the number crunching research. I just hope that when I order it, the University would not interfere by changing my orders. This is because the one that I would like to use for my research will be really specific.

What ever it is, I still don't have a clue of the research's necessities and limitations just yet. I think that by the end of this semester I could come out with specifications for the system.

Baru tahu

Saya baru tahu senang yek kalau guna oven jer untuk masak. Masuk je oven, pastu boleh rilek2. Tak perlu goyang2 sudip, klung klang klung kleng dengan periuk, kuali. Selama ini buat dek jer dengan oven, guna bila untuk baking dan pizza saja. Hihi. Betapa nya saya bukan tukang masak yang versatile. Maka, makan malam kami semalam, ayam panggang ! Sang suami makan bersama nasi, saya pilih untuk ber-western: roast chicken, potato chips dan coleslaw.

Ayam togel menari2

Ayam togel dah didudukkan

Ayam togel dibakar

Ayam togel sedia untuk di'ngap'

p/s: kenapa ek kita kena sumbat lemon dalam perut ayam tu ??

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Beromantika di kota Venice


Cenderamata untuk ingatan diri

Topeng-topeng muka unik 'bersepah'

Manusia sentiasa ramai

St.Mark Square

Pigeons at St.Mark Square

Gondoliers dengan Gondola

Gondoliers 'menolak' dayung gondola

Gondola melalui Rialto Bridge

Penulis di parkir gondola

Melalui celah2 bangunan kota Venice

Dari Venice, luang sehari di Pisa

Kami bercuti selama 4 hari di Kota Venice. Menginap di hotel 4 bintang tapi harganya seumpama hotel 2 bintang saja, yang jauhnya 10min dengan bas dari Kota Venice. Hotel moden, selesa untuk kami berdua sepanjang di sana.

Penat, berjalan kaki ke sana ke mari, naik turun bas darat, bas air (vaporetto) namun teramat berpuas hati kerana dapat menyaksikan sendiri keindahan dan keunikan kota air Venice. Bila berjalan kaki, puas dapat melihat suasana 'kampung air'. Jalannya hanyalah lorong2 kecil, celah bangunan/rumah, jalanraya nya adalah air laut.

Orangnya memang setia berbahasa Italy, maka kami berbelit lidah mengatur kata-kata di dalam bahasa nya. Sebaik lar mudah untuk dituturkan dan difahami.

Puas juga kami merasai pizza dan spagetti (noodles maksudnya) yang memang asal-usul negara itu. Puas lagi kerana dapat menaiki gondola, simbolik Venetia (venice dalam bahasa Italy). Walaupun harganya 80 euro tapi dek memikirkan mungkin hanya sekali dalam seumur hidup, kami tak melepaskan peluang.

Venice memang terkenal dengan kunjungan pelancong, malah ia pernah menerima anugerah teramai pelancong di seantero dunia. Setiap sudut kota Venice, ada saja manusia. Pulau Venice memang penuh dengan rumah seumpama flat. Laman tiada. Kereta tak perlu. Rumah mereka hanya ada parkir bot/sampan. Makanan ruji mereka memang hanya pasta dan pizza.

Kami juga meluangkan diri dan masa di Pisa yang jauhnya 4 jam dengan keretapi laju. Dapat lar melihat dengan mata kepala sendiri betapa sengetnya Pisa Tower tersebut.

Akhirnya, semuanya berjalan lancar untuk pertama kali trip kami ke Europe. Alhamdulillah!!

Tips for Venice trip:

1. Purchase a travel card for bus and waterbus (vaporetto) ride (12, 24, 36 and 48 hours). Only for one way of vaporetto, it can cost you 6.50 euro!! You can buy the travel card at your hotel receptionist or Piazzale Roma (bus station and vaporetto station). Before get into vaporetto, you must validate the travel card at a yellow/green machine (near the dock). The same goes with bus, you can find the validation machine inside the bus itself.

2. It's ok to stay in Mestre (cheaper hotels), instead of the Venice island itself. There are many buses from Venice to Mestre at all time, until midnight.

3. It is easy to get lost on Venice Island, but it is a good experience to walk thoroughly its confusing alleyways and 200 variety of bridges. Dont forget to bring a map of Venice island town or GPS with you.

4. Masks, fridge magnets, gondola miniatures, paintings - the perfect souvenirs you can get from Venice.

5. To Pisa from Venice, please choose an Eurostar train. It is reliable and very much comfortable eventhough a bit expensive. Worth your money!! Venice to Florence to Pisa Central for 4 hours. From Pisa Central, a 20min walk to Piazza del duomo (Pisa Tower and Cathedrals).

Itu sahaja!!

p/s: bertambah semangat untuk menambahkan koleksi magnet peti sejuk.

Sekolah bercuti @ Cuti sekolah

Berapa kali sudah sang suami menyuruh manja si isteri meng-update blog, tapi kesudahnya, si dia juga yang rajin. Si isteri not into blogging mood for a few weeks ;)

Hari ini masih cuti sekolah, tapi kami tak TER-maklum dengan perkara tersebut. Bersusah payah saya ke sekolah, gembira tak terkata sebab dapat parking dekat. Tapi sampai jer depan pintu utama, tak boleh masuk!! Frust kan? Memang saya bersemangat hari ini sebab dah lama tak ke sekolah. Seminggu ke Venice. Kemudian ke sekolah 3 hari cuma, cuti Easter pula dari Khamis lepas sehingga Rabu!!

Suhu di sini masih dalam lingkungan 6-9 darjah celsius. Bilakah ia akan menjengah melebihi 10 darjah. Tak sabar teringin rasanya suam-suam matahari. Kalau suhu dah suam-suam, boleh lah bercucuk tanam dengan girangnya. Biji benih bunga dah dibeli, tapi nak start menanamnya ditangguhkan dulu sebab suhu sejuk di luar.
Sepanjang minggu lepas, Bangor disirami hujan air dan hujan ais batu. Sejuknya tak terkata!! Sejak Ahad pula, angin tiup kuat betul, hujan sekali sekala. Sejuknya pun tak terkata jua!! :(

Ahad lepas, Persatuan Pelajar Malaysia Bangor mengadakan mesyuarat pemilihan AJK bersekali dengan jamuan BBQ berkonsepkan potluck. Penuh meja rumah rakan dengan makanan!! Perut kami pula penuh disumbatkan dengan ayam, kambing BBQ, nasi goreng kampung, mee/meehun goreng, nasi goreng cina, roti jala, roti mexican, pecal pun ada!! and apa2 lagi, tak ingat.

Banyak sangat. Kek batik dibuat oleh pelajar2 undergrad- memang menjilat pinggan lar, sedap betul!! Kami pula membawa sushi, mashed potato, coleslaw. Beriya sang suami menyiapkan juadah sushi. Akhirnya dapat lar 2 pinggan.

Suasana sebelum dan sewaktu pesta makan-makan:

Sushi suami

Rakan-rakan senegara di perantauan

Jamuan itu berakhir dengan pelantikan AJK - sang suami sebagai Naib Presiden, si isteri sebagai Setiausaha. Awal2 datang dah kena 'buli' nampaknya. Hehe! Diharapkan kami bersama AJK lain dapat menjalankan tugas dengan sebaik2nya, jika diperlukan.
Malangnya, gambar saya dan masakan saya (mashed potato dan coleslaw) tiada di dalam sebarang gambar kejadian kerana TERLUPA!! :(

p/s: sebaik ada akak blogger ni baik, bagi idea resepi mashed potato daripada berterima kasih sangat kat dia.


It is quite confusing regarding holidays in University. There are student holidays, and there are office holidays.

Student holidays is where there is no courses going on in the university, and the university student are allowed to go back home. Office holidays on the other hand are when the all the university offices are closed. I know that office holidays are subset of student holidays.

Back in Malaysia there is only student holidays, and the university workers are needed to come the whole year except on public holidays. There are some differences, because unlike public holiday, office holidays in UK is not documented clearly in websites, and the holidays might differ from every institution.

Leaving people having to guess, and to get information from word of mouth between peers.

Whatever it is... now I'm here alone in the research lab... writing this posts. Well, I better use all of this time finishing up my paper. It has been slow this few weeks. I hope that I can make a lot of progress this whole week.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

The Young Victoria

Guess what, this post turn out to be the 100th post of our blog! The thing that I'm about to write is regarding the latest movie we just watched.

The movie entitled "The Young Victoria", a story based on the early years of Queen Victoria sovereign. Unlike other queen story that we have watched, I personally found that this movie is quite good and satisfying.

As usual, after we watched the movie, Fara would start to find the history of Victoria from the Internet. Then we would read and discuss about the history.

All and all... "The Young Victoria" is a nice movie to watch. I would recommend it to those who are interested in history.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Recovery Week

It has been almost a week since we came back from our holiday. Surprisingly the weather turn out to be colder than before. What has been wrong? Just blame it to the global warming I guess.

Earlier this week we have been resting a lot at home to recover ourselves. Lot of proteins needed to build up all the torn muscles, so I ate more. I just hope that my weight doesn't increases... again.

Tonight in particular, there isn't any interesting movie on the TV. Just like any other Friday. We were served with boring 1970's and 1980's movie. Yes, there is King Kong on ITV1, but what's the point of watching that movie again?

I don't like that main actor, the supporting actor (Jack Black), and the ape... its just no good at all... Then there are scenes with overgrown insects and even Tyrannosaurus Rex! What is it with the director? Its just not a good remake... Enough babbling about it.... zip.

Owh... I almost forgot, it's good Friday today, and people are having another holiday. My supervisor even take a 2-week vacation. Wonder where is he going with his family this time.

Other than that, my wife cooked a lovely dinner tonight... KFC chicken! Coleslaw! Mashed Potato! Kurma ayam! and Nasi Minyak... and I get to eat all of it. Yummy... Now that my stomach is full, I'm trying my best to stay awake as long as I can.

Till next time... don't forget to visit our photolog at
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