Wednesday, 17 March 2010

A Page a Day Keeps a Doctor Away??

What have I done! I have set the bar too high this time. My supervisor seems to be happy with my work, and probably would be hoping for the same quality of paper this week. He already said something like publishing it...

I have no choice but to make and submit a better paper this weekend. Considering that I'll be going for a holiday next week, I do hope that my supervisor would be happy to unchain me from work for the whole week.

Anyway, it is a good thing that my supervisor like my work. He even gave me some ideas on how to continue on working with the whole system. I guess he thought that he too have to bring in some good things towards the research.

It seems that I'll be going to be working something with the great Nvidia CUDA... Yiieehaa... I just can't wait to jump into CUDA! Really! There are several books on it on the market, I wonder if its going to be any good for me to buy it. Talking about it, I think I'll write an email to him after writing this entry.

I hope that he still has some money to buy books... Yeah, he has spent a lot before, I know this because  I'm the one that keep on spending his research money. Anyway, I'll just have to keep up my work with my research results... Hurrah Azrul... Hurrah Fara too!

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