Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Mac OS X Easy Search With Spotlight

Before using a Mac, I have a believe that Mac users are those who are rich and don't want to learn much about computers. I also thought that the whole system is developed for people who are focused more on graphics, music and moving pictures development.

Now that I have been using it for quite some time, I tend to learn that Mac OSX is a good environment for research too! The utilisation of BSD/linux "grep" function and rebranding it to "Spotlight" is just what the young Britons would say "Spot On".

Spotlight Search (Grep?)

Above is an example of what I was saying (click on the picture for bigger image). On the top-right there is a search space. Type in any word that you want to search, and it will directly list down on the window all files that name is the word you're searching AND all files that contains the word you're searching for.

You can expand the search throughout your whole Mac or focused it in your current working folder.

This certainly have save me a lot of time, and give me some time to write this blog. Well, better go and continue the job well done. I ought to finish a paper by the end of this month! Wish me luck!

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