Saturday, 13 March 2010

BA Strikes Again

British Airways staffs have been threatening its employer again for another strike by the end of this month. With a possibility of  70,000 passengers that might be stranded during that time, I guess that it is time for both of the party to stop such a nonsense.

Both of the party have a strong stand in the matter. Sometimes I think that the BA administration asks too much from its employee, and sometimes I do think that the workers acts a little bit childish reacting to that matter.

BA admin shouldn't cut employees salary just for the reason of short of projected savings, and the employees too shouldn't ask for much, because they too should have known better that the British economy is in turmoil right now.

Sometimes I feel sorry for the people of Britain. They have been paying debts to USA for nearly 60 years. The final payment by Britain was signed by Gordon Brown in 2006 for the amount of £253 million. Only 3-4 years they're trying to enjoy the freedom from the debts, the financial crisis struck!

No wonder their technology is quite a step back compared to other developed country... (and some developing country too!)

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