Monday, 8 February 2010

To Buy a Camera? Not To Buy a Camera?

Is this the cheapest store for DSLR?

If you wanna buy a camera with a big zoom, make sure that it has a Shake Reduction ability. The shake reduction has many names, such as, Image Stabilizer (Canon), Vibration Reduction (Nikon).

As IS and VR are placed in the lenses, Sony however put their Shake Reduction ability on its sensor. So, no matter what lens it uses, the image shake will always be reduced. (at least that is what they claimed).

Whatever it is, we surely have to go to a store and find the right one for us. Just lookin' at them tru the display glass is not enough, we better get the feel on the camera itself.

Well, we don't have anything to do next weekend, or the weekend after that. Maybe we will find some time to check on those black gadgets! Pockets, be ready to get shrunk...

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