Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Terminator Age

UK Police Spy Drone

What is your first impression of the picture above? My first impression was that the Terminator era is coming near. Go hide in a bunker! Fast!!!

The drone, which was used by police in UK looks like a prototype for the drones used in Terminator Quadrilogy. I just hope that Sky Net wouldn't start the nuclear bombings just yet.

The police drone however didn't got permission from CAA. So, the police in Merseyside has ordered for all their drones to be grounded.

Well, it is a good thing for CAA to interfere, because the flying things can fly up to 400yards high and might cause air accidents. Powered by 4 propellers, the drone could fly up to 30 mph!

It seems like a great gadget to have... but it would cost you £40,000. Too much for a birthday present... Sigh...

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