Monday, 15 February 2010

Sonic Sega All Stars Racing Wii

Sonic Sega All Stars Racing (Wii)

11 more days to go for the next kart racing games on Nintendo Wii to be released. The release is timely, because it was almost two years since the last successful kart racing (Mario Kart Wii) were introduced.

Sonic Sega All Stars Racing is expected to be sold either with (£34.99), or without a steering wheel (£29.99). This would make many people happy, because the last thing they want is another spare steering wheel besides their console. (some prefer playing with their nunchuks or classic remote)

Box shot and the Wheel

If you don't have a wheel yet, it is better for you to grab the wheel version. Then only you would experience the magic in Wii Remote.

I didn't laid my hand on the wheel yet, but I do think that Sega's wheel might be more comfortable than the original Wii Wheel. Reasons... well... Wider handle?? But that might made it more difficult to reach the buttons??

Let us just wait and see...

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