Thursday, 25 February 2010

Proton Lotus Hybrid, McLaren Hypercar and Lexus Hatchback

Even though the news have reporting a lot of workers' strike throughout Europe, and the business news saying that the end is still not near... These three car maker is going to release new car like the economy has nothing to do with them.

The first one would be our pride and joy Proton! They are going to release a new hybrid powered car. Well done there Proton. The buying of Lotus has surely make another statement.

Proton Lotus Hybrid

The car is powered by motors and supported by petrol too. However, you can bypass the use of oil definitely by plugging in the car for battery charging.

The design would be by ItalDesign, and the engine is Lotus. Well, it's not a thoroughbred Malaysian... but you must remember that the money that make this all doable came from the hard strived Malaysian tax payers.

Well done Proton, well done Malaysia. I just hope that this car would be a hit... I personally might consider one if the price is reasonable.

The second car in consideration is the McLaren Hypercar. I do think that this would be the second generation of McLaren F1. However, having McLaren saying that it's a Hypercar (supposedly better than Supercar), this car should make a statement when it is out on the streets.

McLaren Hypercar

The view from behind is quite beautiful. I do feel some American car style is adopted in this car design. The car would be released on 18 March 2010. I don't know whether the driver's seat is still in the middle like McLaren F1 car.

The third car is the Lexus hatchback! Why on earth that they make this car... I thought that people with money usually demands for a big room for placing their golf clubs.

Lexus Hatchback

Hmm... whatever it is, Toyota has been in a lot of stress right now. I'll just let them go with this one.

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