Friday, 12 February 2010

Please Mr. Postman

Today, I just stay at home, waiting for a parcel by DHL Express. Yesterday, they just left us a note as we're not in. Hope they can re-deliver it by today, or else we have to pick it up by ourselves at their office, which tak tahu kat mana pun, their postcode is like CH6 something2..sounds like Chester to us. That's about 1 hour drive from here. Manyak jauh!!! One more thing, we are not sure who send us the parcel. It's not from my mom, she just sent it a few days ago?! And she sent by airmail Pos Malaysia..not Pos Laju. Maybe from the Amazon, I did order a few books.

*Postman sampai*

Received my order! But from the Royal Mail. Not the one that I expected. Early this week, I bought a book via online, by Sophie Kinsella (again!), entitled Remember Me. I wanna something light to read. It is a second hand... costs me only £0.01 !! 1 pence man! Amazing Amazon! :D

It's been a quite some time I'm not getting into books. Dah kerja, ada orang nak kena layan, dah ada orang nak dengar kita bercerita, ada orang ajak jalan..ada ajer lar menda nak buat selain membaca. Alasan! Buu!!

Ok..back to our entry for today, I just need to keep waiting for Mr. Postman. Thank goodness I have something new to read. Or else, I have to stare at -nothing-good-to-watch- TV.

Hey, mentioning about Mr. Postman, it reminds me of my favourite singer..the Carpenters.

♪♫ Mr Postman, Wait Mr Postman, Please Mr Postman look and see, If there's a letter in your bag for me ♪♫

Ok peeps.. that's it for today.

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