Friday, 12 February 2010

Lord of The Rings Prequel - Born of Hope

Who would have thought that a hundreds of millions of dollars franchise of the Lord of the Rings has a cheap prequel. Initiated by a fan, with a cost USD25,000, a prequel was made.

Cambridge actress Kate Madison spent her life savings and six years making her own Lord of the Rings prequel, 'Born of Hope'. And it’s bound to change her life as the film has been seen by over half a million people on YouTube since it premiered in December. - Yahoo! Movies

Here is the Lord of the Rings' Prequel entitled Born of Hope.

... and here is the full 1 hour 11 minutes movie.

I didn't watched the whole movie yet, but I do think that indy movies are great. Remember, if you're buying DVDs of the movie, you've just been scammed. The movie only available on Youtube.

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