Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Health Walk

This morning my wife found an excuse for me to walk to town. I went to the store, bought the thing, and off back to my office.

Once Upon a Time in Poundland

Usually, I would take a longer way back, and came into Poundland. There, I will be searching for interesting things that cost £1, and will usually come out with a pack of biscuits or some chocolate for my wife.

Today however, I didn't go to Poundland. Instead, I went to a video store, a game store, and a book store. Looking for... nothing in particular.

In the game store, I found the same thing for the last 2 months. Nothing much have change on the lineups nor the ranking shelves. I went out of the store in less than 2 minutes.

So I went straight to the video store, and found out that a DVD I've been looking for is back on the shelves, however it would cost me £5! H*ll no, I better buy them on-line. I can get the same movie at Amazon for £2+ (including postage).

By the time I'm about to went out, I remembered about Fara newly returning hobby of book reading. So I went to the book shop, hoping to find some bargains there (if any).

Only to find out that I don't know how to search for a nice fiction story book. I spent several minutes reading the titles... and how could I know which one is the best book? (Don't judge book by it's cover)

So... I stopped searching and went towards the computer part of the store, wondering if there are something suitable for me... As always, the store disappoints me again with it's book for dummies lineup...

Where all these students here buy their books? I mean REAL STUDY BOOKS? Don't tell me the university Co-op... Bwergh... Now I think that Amazon kills the High Street book stores.

Yeaps... That's all that sums up my health walk today... Till then...

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fara said...

hehe..beli lar buku Ant and Dec !! :D

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