Wednesday, 17 February 2010

For the First Time

Gadgets are Blurring Away...

Two days ago, my wife asked me if there any gadget that I currently want? It's a simple question... and a gadget lover like me, I should have came out with 100 answers in less than a minute!

However, to my amazement... I didn't come out with any! Every gadget that pops off my mind had came to a immediate dead end of being unrealistic or unusable (based on current condition).

So... let me list some...

  • Playstation 3 = No time to play games 
  • Xbox 360 = Same as above
  • Mac = I'm using one at the office
  • Laptop = UK line-ups are disgraceful!
  • Desktop = Energy consuming! 
  • Camera = Current is still usable
  • Camcorder = Camera can take videos too!
  • Home Theatre = No place to put it
  • Handphone = Current is just 5 months old
  • TV = Current still has sticker on it!
  •                      ... and the list goes on and on
That time would be my first time of not being able to list down all my gadget dreams. Hahaha.. like people always says "There got to be a first time for anything".

It is the right time for us to say "Alhamdulillah".... Alhamdulillah...

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