Thursday, 11 February 2010

Economy Downturn

I don't know how was the high street in Cymru prior to economy downturn. However, the scene of closed store with "all must go" sign still in the store windows are quite common.

With many people being laid out from work, surely there will be many more if the economy doesn't boost up again soon.

I just read a newspaper article entitled "Reposessions reach 14-years High" (link)... It is reported in the article that 46,000 people has their house repossessed by the bank. What a terrible number.

I just can't imagine to see somebody being put out of their own house. The scene sure looks very cruel. In fact, I wish that I won't ever see that scene, ever.

Everybody, even if you're not really effected with the economy downturn, I just hope that you always pay your Zakat, remember to save, and always grateful for what you have.

Got to go!

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