Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Cloudy Day & Video Game Bargain

It's a cloudy day today... The weather forecast reports saying that there is going to be a snowfall tonight. Well, we don't really rely on forecast because sometimes it can be very disappointing.

Looking outside the window, the clouds are gathering, covering up the clear blue sky. It seems like this time the forecast could be true.

Nothing to report during my health walk today except that I bought some sausages, some chicken nuggets, and several frozen paratha for tomorrow's breakfast.

Then as always, I went to a video store, and a game store, just to see wether there is any cheap games that I might have overlooked before. No luck at the video store, but the game store has a bargain!

£7.98 --> £4.99!

A game which was £7.98 online is currently £4.99 in the store! In order currency... a RM48 game is being sold at RM30 in the store. Then I thought... "Is this store is going to close down soon?"...

I just hope that it wouldn't close down anytime soon. Even though there is another game store nearby, but I do think that having 2 game stores is always better than 1.

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